It was while having a Hi On Life experience on the summit of a beautiful peak in the Himalayas, that Saran Subba and Christina Sandstrom, came up with the idea of sharing that blissful experience of the Himalayas with the outdoor / adventure lovers around the world.

Saran, who has been guiding for 15 years, and Christina, who has both studied and worked within the tourism industry for 18 years, came together with their visions, ideas and experiences in the field. There were many ideas shared and scrutinized, all in the name of the spirit of adventure… One thing was therefore clear from the start, their quest and passion of adventure should remain untouched. The result had to be an outstanding one – “Hi On Life Adventures”.

Our Philosophy:

We believe that a holiday in the Himalayas is not just another outdoor activity, but it is an experience of a life time, made complete by delving into local traditions, cultures and lifestyles. It is about a real comprehension of what Himalayas are all about, and at the same time, maintain the delicate balance of culture and ecology of the area, and provide a positive social exchange, thus making it a beneficial experience for everyone involved.

Our goal is to provide all our clients a safe, wonderful and unforgettable experience of a lifetime in the beautiful countries of the Himalayas, and we invest in the people and equipment that will make this happen.

“It only takes a few days in our world to make you view yours differently”