Putha Hiunchuli Expedition- Sept 2016 dispatch #7

Yesterday I got a phone call from Saran!

They have reached BC and they are all well.  Putha Hiunhculi Base Camp is very beautiful and Saran said they really enjoyed the sunny grassy meadow. In between the tents runs a small stream with fresh water – very convenient for the team who usually have to go far to catch water.

The meadow is surrounded of big 7000 meters mountains. The views are spectacular!

The weather has been typical monsoon weather so far, but yesterday walking up to Base Camp, the weather cleared up and now the weather is beautiful with crisp blue sky – let’s hope that means that monsoon is over for this year!

Since they are a few days late, after having problems with the flights and also getting enough yaks, they will have to start the acclimatization in a few days.  But first some well needed rest days in Base Camp!  Good food, a lot of water and tea, some card games, good music and some writing, reading and reflection is what they will fill the next few days with!  They will also go through all the climbing equipment and gears.

So far Hi On Life is the only expedition on the mountain this fall and it looks like it will stay like that. As we have said before – this is a unique climb!

Anders, Ralph, Saran and the rest of the team, send their love to all their friends and families back home!

We wish them the best of luck and are looking forward to their next update!

Christina, Hi On Life

Putha Hiunchuli Base Camp

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