Putha Hiunchuli Expedition- Sept 2016 dispatch #9

Snow, snow and more snow…

What to do? The monsoon kept its low pressure on top of the Dhaulagiri mountain range and dumped snow on our expedition team.  Finally, with forecasts of 81 cm snow in one day – our team decided to give up instead of taking the risk to get stuck in a snow blizzard high on the mountain or get caught in an avalanche.

It is never an easy decision to abandon the summit push, especially not when the team is strong and healthy – but safety goes first!  The mountain is still there – there will come other chances to reach the summit. It just wasn’t the right time this time.

Out team has now reached Kathmandu and will catch their flights home to Sweden shortly.

Thank you for following us on this expedition and sorry for letting you wait for the last dispatch.

All the best,
The Putha Hiunchuli Expedition Team

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