Born in the beautiful and mesmerizing hills of Darjeeling, Saran, already from childhood, had curiosity and love for the mountains and nature. This vividly grew into a deep passion for the Himalayas, which led him to take active participation on courses relating to Eco- tourism, Environmental studies and Mountaineering.

After completing the educational essentials from a university in India, he entered the tourism business as a freelance guide. He worked for some of the world’s premier trekking companies in the beginning of his career, and now operates Hi On Life Adventures since 2004.

Saran has guided and organized treks and expeditions in the Himalayas for soon 20 years. He has traveled extensively throughout Nepal, India, Tibet and Bhutan. His passion and knowledge of the mountains, nature, local traditions and culture, medicine and language has been appreciated by all people who has trekked with him.  In addition, married to a Swede, he has also traveled to Sweden and Norway and loves trekking and kayaking with his friends and family  whenever he is there on holidays.

He is still actively leading treks and expeditions, as he proudly says “this is my dream, my passion and my life!”.