Jill Wills

On behalf of myself and the yoga girls, we would like to thank Saran and his team for the wonderful adventure they took us on. The sites for yoga were perfect with a fantastic breath taking view each day. The trek was a walking meditation in itself. We really tapped into the local village life on this journey. We called Saran ” Saran Irwin” as he has a great love for all creatures great and small. His knowledge was endless, his laughter contagious and his consideration and compassion for others overwhelming. Saran’s team took great care of us and our belongings. They sang to us, playing volleyball, oversaw our food being cooked to make sure it was safe, brought us a herbal tea first thing to our room in the morning before yoga and shared many jokes with each other. They made us feel like a family. We are already planning the next trek with his company “Hi On Life”.

Jill Wills, Yoga instructor
Yoga Trek, April 2010

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