Anna Stjärne

Can you bring your children on a trek in Nepal?
Yes, with Hi On Life there was no problem!

We experienced the beautiful Annapurna mountain range, villages, rivers, suspension-bridges, rice fields during harvest and above all, friendly people! The children were welcomed with open arms.
All of the team was so dedicated, responsive and fun to hang out with. Jarl rented horse for 5 days, it worked great!

Proud we stood on the top of Poon Hill 3210 meters above sea level. Tired and happy we played cards with the team in the evenings. Lovely views of seeing the back of the children, hand in hand with our Sherpas, counting stony steps in Nepali language. To show the kids what a trek means, in this environment, with this people was simply amazing!

Thank you for a very well organised trip!

Anna, Folke 11 years, Ivar 9 years and Jarl 7 years
Family Trek Annapurna Foothills
October 2013

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